Hand textures

Hey, does anyone know if there are any good and free hand textures somewhere? I looked all day but didn’t find any and I’m now thinking of making my own had texture, but wanted to be sure I don’t make anything that is allready out there.

Hi there yes there are Hand Textures out there I myself have some I will edit this post after uplaodeding a few for you and Btw what type of hand textures you looking for exactly monsters or human type ?

Anyways I am off to uplaod :stuck_out_tongue:

And remember keep on blendering blender artists !!! :cool:

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The Very Last Post I Did On That Thread Of Mine Has The Link To The Textures You Want I Believe :wink:


Thank you Death.

However, I am trying to make a super detailed hand that look photo realistic. Here are some sample on what I’ve done so far.


I am also modelling a hand right now and I have the same problem. :slight_smile:
I’ve asked a friend of mine who has a good digital camera if we could make pictures of some hands. But I don’t know when we have time to do this. Maybe next week I can upload some images/textures.

Btw your hand looks really good. :smiley:
Hope my hand will look as good as yours in the end. Up to now I’ve only done some modelling and rigging.


When I am ready with my hand-texture I will post it. Until then you have to wait or just do your own, it is actually really simple, just take a picture of your hand (upside and downside) and then split the hand model in two (up & down side) with a seem.

To get rid of the seem marks you have to blend the edges of your hand in GIMP or pohotoshop so they melt together. And don’t forget to make seperate images for bump-mapping and for color/specularity.

Here’s a pic to make it clearer. I split up my thumb wit another seem in this texture but that is not really needed in every case.



Your hand is nice, it really depends on what kind of hand you are looking for. Yours is alot more lady like than mine, a hint is to add more geometry in the joints. It’s hard to tell anything else unless I can see the mesh. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Very Nice Hand I Like It :slight_smile:
Sorry If I Could Not Be Of More Help But I Only Have Textures For The Game Engine.

I Could Try To Make Some High Detail Texturers But It Won’t Look that Great But Owell.