Handling large amount of objects in a simulation

Hi there

I’m new to Blender and I would like to create a short Plank Simulation. After modelling the buildings, I gave them some physics to simulate the collapse. My Problem now is that when I start baking my animation, blender seems to be overloaded because I have so many objects in the scene. I have an 8 core processor, but the baking process only uses one core at it’s full speed while the others have nothing to do. I guess that since every physical object can influence the other objects, it’s hard to split the task to all cores. In my case I have separate plank buildings in the scene and I know that they all collapse mostly without influencing the other buildings.

Can I tell Blender somehow that it can kind of use one core per building instead of using just one core for everything? And if that doesn’t work, is there another way to handle complex simulations? Like baking some parts of the whole simulation in separate blend files and put it back together in the end?

Link to my blend file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApWongIb-01RjC1i1X0IMx-sE0Ak

I’m happy for every answer!