I have recently been experimenting with the 2D curves feature of Blender, creating black and white images using multiple layers. The image is a mixture of bezier curve 2D objects and 3D objects viewed in silhouette.

Specifically I was hoping to get some feedback on the background. Does it seem too bright in contrast with the dark foreground? Do you see anything else that’s ugly or in need of editing?


I think the white behind the hands is necessary to give it a punch, but maybe you should darken the vinette?

I think the background works well, it adds to the image without drawing focus and also helps to draw further attention to the centre. Also totally dig this vector style, reminds me of a game called Patapon (iirc) that a friend of mine has on the PSP. Thumbs up!

One comment, I don’t know if you are taking artistic license or not but fingers are usually different lengths; in your image, if they were straightened out, they look like they would all be about the same length.