Hey guys. Finally I was able to use Blender for an art assignment at school. There were absolutely no requirements for the assignment… so for some reason I chose to model a giant metallic sculpture of a hand in the middle of a futuristic cityscape:


I think I like how it came out, but I guess I’m happy just because I finally did some real work in Blender instead of just tinkering with stuff. There was a whole lot of post-production for this: the clouds, the sun, the person, the engine glows, and that one radio tower were all added in photoshop - either painted or composited with photos I’d taken. But… it’s mostly 3D.

Hope you like it! Comments and crits appreciated.


i think it looks pretty darn cool :]

Great image, the lighting is good and an interesting scene to look at. Baby finger and the finger next to this looks a bit too skinny.

Very good compositioning :stuck_out_tongue: . It has got atmosphere! :slight_smile:

Great job, dude! I love the lighting color scheme, and the sky is really moody. :slight_smile:

I’m diggin’ the little guy walkin’ down there.

i love the lighting!

Hey man, good lighting, and I love those little ship things flying around.

Only two real problems I see; the shadows don’t match the sun’s position, and a couple objects seem to be low poly.

Otherwise, excellent stuff!


Coooool. :slight_smile:

Great work. What grade did you get on it?

really snazzy! i agree with falgor about the great atmosphere


I love the atmosphere, but I do have 2 crits:

Firstly, the pinky finger looks odd; I know that, seen from this perspective, the finger bends correctly, but it looks as if it were twisted outwards o__O

Secondly, the little guy and the ship next to the radio tower kinda break the composition – the focus is clearly on the hand, there are a lot of lines leading to it, so another short vertical line is not needed; the ship creates another focus next to the antenna, which disrupts the overall focus.

I’m rambling, so I’ll stop now :slight_smile: At any rate, kudos :smiley:

Thanks guys!! To answer Robin’s question, I got an A on the assignment and my teacher really really likes it. :smiley: I’m happy.

I pretty much agree with everyone’s crits. The hand needs some tweaking, and I should have added a lot more detail (especially since it’s being printed pretty big). The thing that bothers me is something I didn’t notice until !Rocky pointed it out (thanks, man). The guy walking towards the hand really competes with the hand. Compositionally it just doesn’t work very well, but I think a human figure really helps the image by giving things a sense of scale. %|

I wish I could flip the person horizontally and make him walk the other direction, but then the lighting would be all screwed up. I’ll probably figure something out.

Thanks for everyone’s comments!


Good work on the A. I think the way you’ve blended all those things into the render is amazing. It looks fantastic and creates a mood. Keep it up!