Hangar Bay


This was a background made for a movie, “Spacemen Belong in the Future Probably”.


Heck yeah!

So yeah, I had to render out the image in about 10 pieces, then put it together (my comp couldn’t hold all 16 bays at once). I actually made a tut (a few people asked), but it’s not online yet. I assembled it in Photoshop, along with adding some stuff.

It’s a fairly simple image, but I like the lighting.

Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

A lot of the perspective is off, which makes me feel off balance when I look at it. There is a lot of great detail in the bays themselves but the perspective ruins it for me. Its a good start but I think you could stand to play with it a bit more. Keep at it!

Nice picture…where is the render??? :o :o :o Is that the render? Awesome.

Nice lighting - horrible compression artifacts.

other than that can’t tell…


Hey Mrdodobird,

I always love your stuff, and this one is no exception. I wish we could see a bit clearer version, but I’m sure you have your reasons (matching the live action video quality?).

Were the cranes in the background done in Blender, or are they from a photo? I thought they looked a bit odd, like they didn’t quite blend in with the CGI bay.

Anyway, good stuff as usual. Hope to see more from you soon. :smiley:


There we go! New, non artifact filled image. :slight_smile:

Sadly no, those cranes aren’t made in Blender.

But THIS one is!

The perspective is off? Funny. I’ve never heard anyone say that before. Although I admit this image was made for practicality instead of asthetics. See, it’s going in behind a greenscreen shot, and so I made a big wraparound image so that it’ll work no matter which angle the cameras pointing in (just one wall is greenscreen).

I think the perspective (as far as angle are concerned) is fine, but where the camera is for the backround, which Im guesing was at ground level, Is different from where the hanger is, which seems to be underground. So over all seems off. Its very beatiful work though, And I love the animation, whens it all gonna come out? :slight_smile:

That looks great, except that there’s a lot of distortion/bad perspective/something in the lower part of the picture.

The detail looks great. I agree about the perspective problems, though. The bottom rows of bays look like they’re projected on planes and slanted upwards.

The perspectives in any column should match vanishing points, but you’ll see how the bottom two bays are quite a bit off from the third.


My goodness! Perspective can’t just, “Go bad”. I’ve never heard of it doing so, anyway. It’s not like I moved the camera during render.

Why are all these roads and buildings building and curved? What an odd style of architecture. Or maybe the perspective’s bad. Definitely bad perspective. The light rays must be broken (well, they are bent, true).

I just tried out your test (with a higher res image, it’s true, which could have probably led to some error…?)

I can only assume that it’s an optical illusion of some kind, such as This one this one, or this one

In the end though, all that really matters is that it works for the shot. What you guys are having trouble with is (I think) the wider than normal angle. However, it’s all the same perspective, just zoomed out. Which means that if you zoom in again on a part of it (as I am in the movie), the perspective works fine, and you can pan across it with it’s lookin’ good.

I’m guessing it’s just a distortion that’s only seen when you zoom way out.

hmmm… I like it :smiley:

Some of the best realistic movie style graphics I have seen made with blender…

Looks good. The warped perspective of some of the bays is not really much of an issue, especially if this is just a background, as it is not that noticable.


I too have to agree with the other about the perspective, though I don’t think it is as bad as mentioned.

The overall detail is amazing, as it always is with your work. Though the ships lack all the detail and that to me is what really detracts from the image. All the fine hanger details, but the ships are just smoothed out planes and cubes. Really does not look right.


I think the perspective is just fine personaly. It’s just the way the camera is positioned and the lens setting too probably, really awesome render though :smiley: .

I LOVE THE UPS STORE SIGN @ the bottom, that’s great!!

Very cool. The detail, textures, lighting, and pretty much everything are spot on. The composition with the background photo is near-perfect… except for the perspective. I really thought they were rendered at first, until I noticed there’s a different camera angle in the hangar area than outside it. Still awesome though.

Definitely worth taking a look at. Good job. The perspective, I’m with BgDM, there’s something awry about it but it’s not as horrible as portrayed.

Excellent attention to detail, a wireframe of this would be interesting…
I’m curious what is inside those bays. Did you render each bay separately or did you divide it another way?

NOT as bad as it looks??!!

Everything in the red area is as it should be… problem is. .the other 3 sections of bays are horribly off!
Is this a modelling problem?? likly not.
As previously picked off its likly a camera setting problem. ESPECIALLY if its a pano setting.

the 2 sets of bays inthe yellow have it worst though… while the ones in the red when they go down CLEARLY show more of the floor at an angle it is a PROPER angle giving the floor a feeling that they are all level.

the ones in yellow however the further down it goes the more the floor looks like its tilted to a severe angle showing off WAY more of the top view then should be as represented by the blue lines i drew.

Pano settings even in my experiences alter horizontal settings and curves… but nothing like this. the bottom most ones look like anything were to land on them they would slide right off into the main pit area.

i HIGHLY suguest trying different camera settings to fix this as if its to be used in a movi or animation then this is no little error.

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