Hanging Script

Hey, guys I’ve looked at the YoFrankie script for ledge hanging… You know, when you just and grab a ledge, then shimmy side to side. I was just wondering if someone could break it down for me. Here it is:

import frank_ledge_module

import Mathutils
from Mathutils import CrossVecs, Vector, Matrix, RotationMatrix, AngleBetweenVecs

def do_reset_timeofs(cont):
own_rig = cont.getSensor(‘rig_linkonly’).getOwner() # The rig owns this! - cheating way ti get the rig/
own_rig.timeOffset = own_rig.defTimeOffset

def do_fall_state(own, cont):
GameLogic.addActiveActuator(cont.getActuator(‘fall_state’), True)
own.ledge_regrip_timer = 0.0

def main():


cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()
# 3rd arg gets a corrected ray when its thr first ray for the state
# This can only run the first time otherwise it makes shimmy jitter baddly.
#    since correcting the axis can rotate frankie back and fourth.
if cont.getSensor('true_init_pulse_ledge').isPositive():
    ledge_hit, ledge_nor, zpos = GameLogic.frankTestLedge(GameLogic, Mathutils, own, cont, None, False)
    # Drop on purpose
    sens_keyDown = cont.getSensor('key_down')
    if sens_keyDown.isPositive() and sens_keyDown.isTriggered():
        do_fall_state(own, cont)
    ledge_hit, ledge_nor, zpos = GameLogic.frankTestLedge(GameLogic, Mathutils, own, cont, None, True)
    # set the timeoffset so hanging gets nice smooth movement for free.
    # cont.getSensor('rig_linkonly').getOwner().timeOffset = HANG_TIMEOFFSET

if not ledge_hit:
    do_fall_state(own, cont)

sens_up = cont.getSensor('key_up')
if sens_up.isPositive() and sens_up.isTriggered() and own.can_climb:
    # own.suspendDynamics()
    GameLogic.addActiveActuator(cont.getActuator('climb_state'), True)

own.setLinearVelocity([0,0, HANG_COUNTER_GRAVITY])

# Make sure frankie is upright. especially if he was just gliding this can happen!
own.alignAxisToVect([0,0,1], 2)

# We need to do somthing a bit extra tricky here, move the position of frankie around the ray intersect pivot,
# This avoids jittering
new_dir = Vector(-ledge_nor[0], -ledge_nor[1], 0.0)
new_z = zpos + GameLogic.CLIMB_HANG_Z_OFFSET
own_y = Vector( own.getAxisVect([0,1,0]) )
ledge_hit = Vector(ledge_hit)
cross =CrossVecs(own_y, new_dir)
ang = AngleBetweenVecs(own_y, new_dir)

# Set Frankies distance from the hit position

if ang > 0.1:
    if cross.z < 0:
        ang = -ang
    pos_orig = Vector(own.getPosition())
    ####pos_new = ((pos_orig-ledge_hit) * rot) + ledge_hit
    # Do this instead.

    d = (pos_orig-ledge_hit)
    d.z = 0.0
    d.length = -GameLogic.CLIMB_HANG_Y_OFFSET

    pos_new = (d*RotationMatrix(ang, 3, 'z')) + ledge_hit
    # Simple but not good enough
    # own.setPosition( (pos_orig-ledge_hit) + ledge_hit )

    # Location, use CLIMB_HANG_Y_OFFSET to offset ourselves from the ledges hit point
    d = Vector(ledge_nor)
    d.z = 0.0
    d.length = -GameLogic.CLIMB_HANG_Y_OFFSET
    pos_new = d + ledge_hit

own.alignAxisToVect([-ledge_nor[0], -ledge_nor[1], 0.0], 1)
pos_new.z = new_z


I don’t think it should be this long in my opinion because really it’s just suppose to say:
When Frankie is near or touches this property, play animation 5 and don’t let Frankie fall, when Frankie presses the “Space button” play animation 6, and make him go on top of the plane.

Also I know the notes are there, but they are not enough. I need further explanation. oh yea, and I know this needs another script to work.