Hanging Vase

Hi all,
I wanted to do something with glass and caustics, and I ended up with this little dude… not much more to say.


Blender cycles and some post with PS, hope you like it!


Great work mate. Did you use more transmission bounces to get rid of that ugly black clipping that Cycles does when light refracts too much, or transmission shader to cheat the system (I usually have it in my node trees)? It kinda reminds me of how Corona renders glass.

Thanks @Scoped! I’ve used more bounces than the default ones, specifically 128. Obviously it’s far from being a well optimized scene, but I wanted to try it anyway…

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Great subtle detail in the glass! Also fibers in the twine. Very cool.

Thanks @bartv! Much appreciated!

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Glad you like it @Riley_Brown!

wow. that is some glass…
especially with glass being the weak spot of cycles (at least at first sight)

can you share the shader settings you used ?

really awesome work !

Jarek D(DJ)

Of course! Here it is:

Thanks for the comment Jarek!

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thanks !

It seems simple setups can do really well.
The volume absorption worked the green tint magic :slight_smile:

And how about samples etc to get this result
did you use any clamping or denoiser ?

Jarek D(DJ)

You’re welcome! I didn’t use clamping or denoise… I was a little scared about denoise with all the strands on the rope, and the details on the plaster and the vase, but certainly I didn’t try it. Maybe setting it well could bring a cleaner render, because there’s still some noise in the lower part of the vase. Samples are 4000. Hope that helps and sorry for my bad english!