Hans Zimr's Sketchbook

Jungle Small Boat Dock

This is a village scene but I’m still modeling the houses. This will be one of the settings for my action movie.

The LH-100 “Nimble” motorcycle. I’m modelling an unusual motorcycle driving by shafts and powered by a miniature fusion reactor. The thing is fast despite its weight.

Modeling the village:



Just an overview video about my current project:

Another project. Inspired by Far Cry video-game series, this one has a story where the protagonist got shipwrecked and washed up on shore to an unknown territory. A young lady wakes him up. He soon discovers an all new world…

Update: Fixed the trees. Have more variation now.
Modelled the old abandoned machine found hidden behind a boulder.

Created some cliffs and improved the textures a bit.

Lighting and material tweaks
Character design (borrowed one character from a game)


Speed modeled a sentry gun:

Basically it is just a .50 BMG Anti Material Rifle fixed on a rotary platform all automatically controlled by a computer.

Military stuff

Spec Ops Armor MK I


I really like your tanks. The gun has a cool silhouette. I think it would look cool if you added more detail to it.

The guy’s helmet is bothering me. It is way too tight on his head.

I will be uploading those tanks on BlendSwap next week probably I’m busy with my blog now and my PC is just right there at the corner sleeping.