Happy 4th of july!

For all of you living in the states, at least.

I hope those outside the States have a happy Fourth too! No need to be exclusionary. :slight_smile:

Happy 4th of July from me as well.

It’s supposed to rain pretty much all day here thus raining out our celebration, and usually we go to our friend’s house to celebrate since we can have a pool party there, the forecast indicates that even if we get a little break from the rain it won’t even be hot enough for swimming as it’s only supposed to be in the 70’s at most.

So kind-of a bum 4th here, the rainiest and coolest 4th in a long time.

Happy forth from me, its supposed to rain tonight as well, but perhaps not, I live in the state right next to you Ace Dragon, never been there though. I hope the weather gets good for everyone so they can celebrate happilly.
And to the british, I’m sorry for your loss… Not really, but I should try to be nice. :slight_smile:

Happy July 4th!

…ok, I’m Canadian, and Canada Day is July 1st, but still, Happy July 4th to all the Americans out there :smiley:

All the best for you!

The 5th of July is a holiday for many Americans too this year.

Why is it? I don’t know of any holiday.

It’s because it landed on a Sunday, so some people are getting Monday off too.

Not a bad day here. All of the neighbors and kids got together and had a great BBQ. No rain and not too hot. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad and beer. The dogs got a bit freaked out by the fireworks and stuff. The only bad part about it is that my neighbor can not get his grill cleaned (this can be harder than it seems!)

Cheers, pix

“Fourth of July is not an international holiday” - someone would say.

I just wanted to make it clear that I understand it’s a national holiday.


a big happy 4th july form me to all

happy 4th july