Happy birthday!

This picture is made for my friends. It’s in hungarian language:D paint shop+ blender.


The text is 3D and the background is a photo, aren’t they? (Valakinek jo kis szuletesnapja lehetett :slight_smile: )

I hope the background is a photo. If its blender, I am going to die.

Good compositing though. Actually, fantastic compositing. Does the table texture have a slight reflection? If so, nice touch.

Jeewowserz! Very photo realistic. I can almost reach out and drink drops
off the side of the glass.

Edit: …but since I don’t know who’s cup that is that would be so gross.
Dirty wet hand dirts and brownings mixed in with the liquids. No thanks.

Awesome work. By the way, I agree with Guitar87 about the dying thing. If the background is blender I think my brain would leek out of my ears. Just thought I’d let you know. The comp with the text is awesome.