happy father's day greetings (concept update)


for high res click here

here is a concept art …


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great work! :slight_smile:

I am not sure if there is some problem with the size of the left arm of the father… it looks bigger than the right one, but maybe is just the perspective.

However really beautiful! :slight_smile:

thanks man

n yup its perspective :slight_smile:

It made my father’s day:) I think I’ll read to my kids right now.

I like them feel ,my meaning is father and son,i think you mixed cg and feeling in this scene very good.

Happy father’s day in all of world :slight_smile:

Best Regards

How much of this is Blender? I really like it - such nice expressions. This wouldn’t look out of place in a Pixar movie.

it is just perspective… the lense length is probably close to 15mm

A very nice tribute to dear ole dads everywhere!

Beautiful :smiley: That’s all I can say!

Sweet work as ever, dude.

The does seem to blow the hinges off of what I gave my father for Father’s day (a fifteen minute card O.o).

This seems like a great way to really take Father’s day to the max, I really like the material choice for the Dragon along with the (unicorn?) as it really gives a sense of imagination.

The coloring of the room and the top dissolving into space is a nice touch too, almost as if the book dad’s reading turned it into a holodeck.

Just brilliant :smiley:

i love it. excellent feeling in there, the color are great, and most of all the expressions. wonderful!

the panchtantra reminded me of my childhood, but i used to read champak more! i can’t give any critique except baby’s don’t have that much teeth. it looks awesome.

wowwww another one from you… :slight_smile: i love the color scheme and idea of fading ceiling to sky , it’s outstanding… 5* :slight_smile:

Wow. Very nice, Draguu! :smiley: Just one tiny crit (because such an amazing render deserves to be perfect), the child’s left cornea is quite dark. A minute of post processing should fix that. Five stars!!

Bravo again Draguu.
The best time of the day captured in glorious wonderment.

thanks a lot guys … check out its concept art … i have updated 1st post …

Outstanding :slight_smile: 5*