Happy Halloween!

Here’s a festive little something.

Model time: around 2 hours
Render time: about 30 seconds
Post processed with the Gimp.

Haha, definitely going to the desktop… I’m guessing you didn’t use booleans (since they’re pretty much totally broken :rolleyes:)

Nice job!

The Booleans work for simple cases like circular holes or arches in cubes but I tried the other day trying a really thin jagged mesh to cut a complex object in half and the result was a mesh with many missing faces.

Nice pumpkin.

Thanks for the compliment.
No, I didn’t use booleans. I thought about how to do this best and came up with the following:

Model the entire pumpkin - no cutouts.
Apply an image alpha map with the logo pattern on it.
Model just the visible inside edge of the pumpkin.

This seems to have worked well. The geometry of this scene is really quite simple. The ridges and bumps are also applied with image maps. Modelling the edge was the only hard part, but still easier than modelling the whole thing I think.

If you want a hi-res - low compression image for your desktop, I could arrange it.

Shameless post to bring this image to the top since its Halloween today.

bump since it’s Halloween

Ohhh nice pumpkin. Great idea, and well done :slight_smile:

Even with the holiday, you shouldn’t bump images that are this old. Seriously, I posted in this when I was still a noob that ranted about features that I had recently discovered. Not to mention Cyborg Dragon was Icoxo. That’s a sure sign of the age of this post. :wink:

uh yeah, major respect drop thanks to the annoying bumping.

Just wondering, are any boolean projects under way? Id really like any upgrade…

Anyway, not bad imae, a bit boring(and no hyper-realistic stuff to make it more impressive), but nice technique.