Happy hippo - playing with soccer ball

Here are some pics from an animation I posted on YouTube and Vimeo.

Although I was pressed for time (and actually consider the demo animation to be done), I am still open to C&C to improve - so, fire away!

I especially put in effort to show his weight…

NOTE: I did not make any attempt at a decent background, as this was an exercise in character animation.

Haha, cool. The movements all kinda seem really flowy, ya dig? Like just a constant flow from one movement to the next. The movements need to be more defined. I think the expression looks really cool. Good stuff :smiley:

very fun animation. I like your character, modeling and texturing aspect!

Hilarious, nice work!

You can certainly feel the love on that one!

Very nice hippo!
I like the texturing, and his expression actually makes me want to go outside and kick a soccer ball around.
,If its not to much work (As I am going to be creating a armature for a model I am working on) Could you post a screen of the armature?.. or a vid of it animated?

Again, Very nicely done!


It looks really good, but the third picture looks really weird :slight_smile: