Happy land =D

Hi there

Well after hours of intense work jejeje ^^ I got this, playing around with ramps and lamps to get the fall off effect I hope you like it.

Made in blender 2.49bhttp://st.deviantart.com/minish/main/blank.png


Nice work :slight_smile: I like the style.

Just looking at the texture on the vine closest to the camera, is it supposed to be like that? It looks like a stretched Project from View unwrap. Other than that it looks great :yes:

ji ji ^^ It looks great for me I didn’t use uv map its just a texture. When I first saw it I said: Mmmm hey it looks good, let’s leave it at that =D

nice work

i see if u change the sky color to black or orange(sunset) it’s will be better

The sky color is perfect as it is. I like the style a lot. This is indeed a Happy Land :smiley:

Hi lugia 50 thanks for your comment I think this little landscape could have a broad variety of skies, I used the sunset sky, a night sky I had many options, all of them fit the scene pretty good so I just chose the one I liked.

Some artists had criticized the texture of the main vine the closest to the camera. I like it as it is, but does anyone know how to fix it? look maybe this landscape doesn’t meet the requirements for the most realistic and logical texturing protocols who cares? this is just a surrealistic render have fun with it.

I like it a as it is,it’s awesome :smiley: The texture of main vine the closest to the camera,is fine, actually when I imagine it with the one the top vine has,…it doesn’t look as good :slight_smile:

Ok I made this one fixing the texture of the vine and adding some more light to the text.


Looks a lot better :yes:

Also, try subsurfing the background vine; I can see some hard edges on the top.

I love the mushroom shader :smiley: