Happy New Year! [Now who's early?]

(Fareton) #1

Happy New Year to ye all!


Well, got a bit bored and decided to toy around with the particle system. After a moment of playing, I decided to make a small new year scene. I didn’t do much modelling to it though, but…

The snow really doesn’t look like real snow, I don’t really know what. I got told that I should use radiosity or use some bumpmap, but I don’t know.

Still, I would like to have few comments what is nice and what just plain sucks as I mean fairly new to Blender and that’s my first try with particles.

(Enzoblue) #2

Hehe, simple ya, but gets me a Happy New Year spirit going :stuck_out_tongue:

(Juuseri) #3

Happy New Year to you too.

btw, the explosion at the sky looks cool, but flames what come out of the rocket doesn’t look just right, maybe putting more particles and lowering alpha value could help.