happy shiny people! correct me if u think im wrong! =)

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as a user of the worlds worst 3d app ever made in history (3dsmax) it really gets worse by the version number…the higher number the more bugs u get in there…not to mention the lag…so when i see blender close to free now i get really happy…not just for myself but for everyone in the 3d community! as bill fleming said in a magazine i read quite some time ago…3d application developers need to really listen to what the artists want, NOT what they THINK they want…he suggested kind of a wish list…written by the top 10 3d artist in the world… a wishlist or as he called it a paper written on the 3d subject, made public so all app developers could take a look at it and choosing what to implement and how to do it…not like they do today…ok things arent really THAT bad! but things could get a LOT better if everyone worked together and a lot more userfriendly…im looking at blender and thinking, what a wonderfull piece of software…slim and multiplatform…but a lot of things needs improvement still…otherwise it will scare off any potentional users and only leave hardcore fans using it, and thats not what i want and i dont think the author wants that either…still! a lot of things in blender are even better than those seen in $XXXX appz…and that puzzles me…how NAN managed to get it right on such a slim budget…maybe all of this sound like BS but I hope not when I look at blender I see a lot of potential and that makes me smile! =) especially now when its going opensource I hope that in time blender will grow into that role as a major contender to the heavies that would be a truly happy day for the community, cuz if art is going to evolve the tools should not be made available only to the major players while poor artist sometimes are left with poor software that lacks the features of tomorrow, art and the ability to express oneself should not be an economic issue, ok! things have gotten a LOT better I admit but still most pro 3d gear is out of reach for most of us at the end of the day I put my faith in blender and pray! Pray that it will change the 3d community and foremost, change the mentality of a lot of people who tend to believe that they need $XXXX appz to create great stuff!.. =) well I’ve said my piece! Comments would be nice! :smiley:

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A global, hi-end wishlist is truly an interesting concept - but probably for commersial apps mainly since they will have the resources to implement everything relatively quickly.

What’s cool about Blender right now is that it (as you might know) will go open-source in a few weeks, leaving the community with the responsibility of implementing anything it desires.

On the other hand I see a great challenge in pushing your favourite apps to the limit and beyond, in order to get the result you want. Blender is a good choice already as-is for such projects. A good example of what can happen when an artist with some deep-shit serious know-how starts pushing his applications is the rustboy project. This guy uses basic tricks and pretty ‘old’ software (Infini-D mainly, spat upon by ‘serious 3d-pros’) but manages to get kick-ass results.

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okay before i under stand this what does “&#8230” mean?

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well i like a lot in blender but a few things really needs improvment

my wishlist at this time… only used it to model a little in so the wishlist will grow as i’ll encounter more stuff! :o

1: navigation in 3d need fixing, so its easier to arc rotate around objects as u model…something like that of maya or max…im used to max so that would be ok…its not perfect but better than that of blender

2: a help system similiar to the max online help (one of the best ive seen so far by the way!) built in but optional at install! html based or whatever…i dont care as long as i can find my anwser fast enough without browsing the web for 2 hours!

3: better polygnal editing tools…although they are ok a lot of stuff like when when welding 2 or more vertices together is akward…

4: the abiltiy to travel inside the camera without having to select it from another viewport.

5: somekind of modifier stack something like max but better…cuz that of max is starting to…hmmmm suck… dont get me wrong! i dont wanna turn blender into a 3dsmax clone quite the opposite…=)

hmmmm there’s plenty more but im at work and dont have blender in front of me so i’ll add up some more later on! =) be glad to see a follow up by others too…well well! gotta do some work now!

cheers! / IOR

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haha…well its like this…my mistake haha! my computer hangs every time im doing stuff…its my HDD configuration i think…thought id be kind of kool if i used my ide raid option on my MB…turned out crap…but im too lazy fixing it back…ok??? so everytime i write something i write it in notepad, wordpad or word…then copy paste it…must be a word tag od some kind…sorry for the confusion haha! =)

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your mean you type it out in notepad and then paste it? geez, no wonder you have only 7 post since july. http://members.aol.com/skyf41/images/squeaksemoticon.gif j/k

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ya! with longer post i do just that…and quite a lot of my posts tend to become kind of long after a little while…though i try to keep it kind of short it never happends! =) like i said…need the ability to save…cant save in the forum…in case my box freezes…it does so at least 3-4 times everyday…but as i said im too lazy too change my disk configuration…cuz that where the problem lies i think…offcourse i have a second box but it is running only XP and im affraid of XP! =)…im so damn used to w2k that i find it really hard to change…funny huh! =)

say cheezus! /IOR

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THat makes eight!!! congrats!!! http://members.aol.com/skyf41/images/squeaksemoticon.gif

I like W2k a whole lot better than XP so I can’t blame you for not using it.

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Look on the bright side, with regard to commercial software - Maya has just got a lot cheaper and it’s available on Linux now - granted that’s not as wide a platform list as for Blender, but at least the commercial producers are starting to learn where there’s demand…

(IOR) #10

true that! as a rouge artist ive sung the max blues more than a couple of times and thought about changing platform twice as many…maya is the most sensible choice right now…im thinking of downing the learning edition to see how easy to use it is…cuz time is limited i cant spend a couple of years learning it so we’ll just have to see how good it is…its either that or LW but i never really liked its GUI…maya is closer to max but more intuitive i hope…nah…i know…anything must be more intiutive than max haha! =)

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Just one thing, though. That first post is a bit hard to read. I’m not asking for perfect, or even near-perfect grammar. Just break your sentences and paragraphs up a bit. That first post is just one sentence, with a bunch of ellipses (…) and commas. :stuck_out_tongue:


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ok this is my last for some time now…gotta work! yes…i guess u could say that…one long sentence…u should hear me speak…same thing…only stop for breathing…and thats not offten! =) lol…but hey…its just webscribble…not a paper on some techie thing…=)