Harbour at Night

Hi Guys,
I am new on this forum. I´m working with Blender for about a year now. I use to work with 3DMax. But this was more than 10 years ago. As I restarted working with 3D-Software is chossed Blender and the possibilties blew my head of.
I would be glad if you can have look on one of my first works, that i am willing to share with others an tell me what you think about it.
An English Habour at night. End of the 19th Century. It was inspired by the paintings of Atkinson Grimshaw.
The mains issue was on the composition and the enviroment. All modell are free external stuff.
Please tell me what you think and don´t be to harsh. I am still a learner :wink:

Modelling is really good, but…
the materials aren’t great.
I would recomend using a noise texture for the roughness for the ground:
this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oojlF0m8KSE
This would make it look more realistic, as at the moment it looks a bit too shiny.

also, the lamps look a tad too short.
Keep it up

If you look closely, there are puddles of water. The ground is probably wet.

The render looks great, it looks a bit deserted though.

THanks, guys. It is supposed to be wet ground. My frist intension was so make a rainy scene, but I had to refrain from it, cause render times went through the roof.
i am also not quiet satified with the “wetness” and i agree, its too deserted.
I ll try to work it out an pots it again.

I like how it’s looking so far in regards to setting a mood. But agree there could be more elements to a scene. Like cargo and ropes and such, and maybe some people waiting around or tending to or standing watch for the ships on the pier.