Hard Edge or Smoothed Edge

Hi all,
but is it possible in Blender to have smoothed edge or hard edge without using the Edge Split modifier ?
The modifier is really useful if I use it in Blender, but when I export the model using Wavefront Obj, the other programs receive a separated mesh as it should be thanks to that modifier.
It’s really urgent for me to solve this, because I’ll use Blender in a game-production enviroment, so, as most of you can understand, using hard/soft edge is really essential for lowpoly/game modeling.
Thanks in advance for any help/consolation.

you can make it hard with Ctrl-E and select mark edge


Hi RickyBlender,
thanks to have answered me, but using CTRL + E gives me only Mark Seam and Mark Sharp: are you using a different version of Blender ?

This is done by selecting the faces next to the edges, you want to change, in EditMode.
And then press either the “Set Solid” or the “Set Smooth” Button in the Link and Materials Panel in the Edit Buttons.

The Ctrl+E and Mark Sharp option is for the work with the edgesplitmodifier.
And just for render you can use the set smooth button together with autosmooth (controled by degrees)


with ctrl-e you define wich edge will stay sharp even after appying the smooth


CTRL E brings up the edge properties menu.
SHIFT E controls the crease
Although personally, I prefer Median Crease in the Transform properties window.
EDIT: You get the Transform Window by pressing N key.

Ok, I’ve tried what you say but with no success !
This is a screenshot of Suzanne with some edges on the top of the head selected:


The number 2 is Suzanne showing you the edges: they have been sharped and creased and set as solid !
The number 3 is Suzanne with the same edges that shows you there are no hard edges.
Instead the number 1 is Suzanne with the same edges but with EdgeSplit modifier applied on that shows you how should be the result.
I need the number one without EdgeSplit for working in a production enviroment.
So, what I’m asking you now is: what Blender version are you using to reach the result of number 1 ?
Could you PLEASE share a scene or a screenshot showing Suzanne with hard edges without EdgeSplit ?
Anyway, thanks for your effort.