Hard Ops Thread

I agree, I think these should be official, but for the time being here are some fixes, didn’t test thoroughly but works at first sight.

For simple deform change line 102 of “HOps\operators\modifiers\simple_deform.py” to:
segments_offset = event.mouse_region_x - self.stop_position

For bevel change line 188 of “HOps\operators\modals\adjust_bevel.py” to:
offset_x = self.last_mouse_x - self.mouse_x

I did the same for Solidify, edit line 81 of “HOps\operators\modals\adjust_tthick.py” to:
offset_x = self.last_mouse_x - event.mouse_region_x

I also think that the BoxCutter Pie Menu (D) should default left for Box/Circle toggle, currently Custom is switching places when either Box or Circle is chosen, this is on 713 at least.

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thanks for the input! Testing it now.

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Great work on the patch release!

Some problems I’m experiencing with newest patch:

  • The edit dots are a great idea but unfortunately, they dont seem to work. When I click on one, it just applies the cut immediately.
  • Like other users I’m also experiencing the crash on mac with newest boxcutter. The terminal trick works though. In general I find boxcutter crashing quite regularly. It’s not as stable as the 2.79 version. Is this normal / known issue?


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I have to say buying this addon feels like ive just baught a new toy … Awesome addon mate :slight_smile:

thanks! We’re hard at work on the “next level”. 714.5 coming soon!


Do you have any compatible keymap for which we select industry Compatible ?


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What is this error and how do I fix it:

I’m using blender v2.80.75

Thank you in advance!

can you try with new blender from

It works with the 2.81 beta.

Yo Master! Meta Mesh LW plugin (read my post at bottom)… Make something like this please!!! Maybe you could call it SoftOPS?.. As I say in the post there, I have money waiting for the dev that makes a Blender addon that does exactly like the MetaMesh LW plug. MetaMesh combined with QuadRemesher is the shizz, but it sucks jumping back and forth between LW and Blender to make said shizz…

this is as close as it gets. Of course something live would also be nice but Im getting some nice results out of this thing.


You should try optiloops addon after the remeshing to see if the polycount can be satisfying. Don’t forget a video to showcase that combo :stuck_out_tongue:

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got a link?

there https://github.com/vilemduha/optiloops

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXDaAVGctxY

In 2.8 the shortcut/hotkey is X, inside the same menu for delete vertices/edges/whatever (Edit Mode).


Just wanted to update: I’ve been working on my Mac version of Blender this weekend and Boxcutter is now working flawlessly, without having to start thru terminal.