Hard Surface Modeling Practice

Hello there!

Amateur here, and first time posting (so if theres a better way for me to share images/files lemme know. Thanks!). I am trying to practice hard surface modeling, by trying to recreate this awesome drawing by Chris Foss. I am running into a few problems with some details:
I’ll start with this issue: Creating the paneling detail on the engine. I have seen tutorials that use subsurf mod workflows, where you select a square edge loop, bevel, then use loop tools to turn it to a circle and follow with a slight inset. The technique works for me when working on a quad sphere, and making a circle that isnt too large and centered away from the poles… but I’m having a hard time getting that to work here, given the size needed of the circle, and the strange angle that these cuts are being made across the mesh. Whats the best way to approach this?

I don’t do hard surface modeling since I’m modeling cars at the moment, but there’s a method I’ve discovered from CG Masters and it’s called the shrink-wrap method.
Maybe this could help for this type of situation.

This method can be applied to anything from cars to futuristic robots, for example.

I hope this helps.

Ya I’ll give that a shot, I’ve tried shrinkwrap on my own without great effect but perhaps I need some guidance on how to apply the method properly. Thanks for the tip!