Hard Surface Modeling - Remote Control - 250€ Butget

Modeling a Remote Control

For a VR training simulator we need a 3D model of a remote control (hard surface modeling, approx. 8,000 polygons) - 2D views and sufficient photos are provided.
The original model is in our office in Berlin - there would also be a workplace there.

Estimated working time is 1-2 days.
The budget is € 250

If possible, continuous help for the next 2 months would be desirable.

See you soon, Jonas


Can we work remotely or do we need to be physically present in Berlin?"

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Thank you for the interest

The work can also be edited remotely.
Above all, it is important to coordinate exactly how the models should be structured. The project with the remote control should be the basis for a long-term cooperation.

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can you provide a reference photo or blueprint to the remote control ?


Can you provide 2D images, please?
Thank you

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