Hard surface sculpt parts

Evening, I am modeling a motorbike to try and hone my hard surface modeling skills. I then arrived at this part in the picture. I thought of an idea to try and sculpt it as if I were machining it in real life, however I’ve never sculpted before and have no idea where to start. The other thing is the tools (if available) need to be capable of cutting curves out of the mesh, as well as joining new parts to the mesh.

At the end I will plan to retopologise the entire object.

Does anyone have any suggestions to achieve this?


I wouldn’t bother trying to sculpt a part like that, where using primitives and CAD-type modelling is more suitable, since that’s what was used to design and machine the part in real life. Blender’s sculpt tools don’t offer the sort of control you want.

This appears to do what I need, especially merging primitives together and defining where cuts need to be, Booleans etc so I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile:

Check this out:

Also, hardops.