Hard Surface Topology Help

I am having trouble creating clean topology. Also, can someone help me with a few of the problem areas? The .blend is attached. Thank you in advance for the help.

Handle_w_Lock_Port.blend (661.1 KB)

Hello i did a quick remodel. Your model has to many geometry in the wrong places causing it to lose the shape of the circle. This is what i did, pretty sure there is many other ways to do it but this what i could come up with quickly. I will add the final model in obj format at the end

1.I started with a 12 sided cylinder to model the base. Then i creased the edges and subdivided once so i can add more detail since you have to if you want to keep a smooth cylinder surface.

2.Once subdivided the model looked like this.

---- I then removed unnecessary extra edges caused by the subdiv, this is how it looks like after.

3.Finally i selected the edges i want to bevel. Note how i beveled that corner you are having problems with.

4.Finally we have to cancel the edges causing the pinching artifacts on that corner. look at the photos below for steps starting from top to bottom.

–Merge at center

–Select the edges to dissolve

–How it should look at the end

And final model with some subdiv.

Here is the OBJ file so you can mess around. – https://we.tl/t-0hc8aLeI04

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Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your detailed response and the time you committed to answering my questions.