Hardcopy Blender books

I’m looking for recommendations on which hardcopy Blender book to purchase. This is not so much for my own use but for the others in the office. I’m in an architectural office and we’re starting to use Blender and the BGE to build an environment for out client to be able to see their project before ground gets broken.

I’ve already found several excellent sets of online tutorials that should get me well enough trained to be able to produce this environment. But since this is an older firm, they like to have hardcopy manuals on hand. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve personally found the DVD’s produced by the Blender Foundation are the best way to learn Blender, and are excellent to have on hand for quick look ups of tools and work flows.

I say this because the books that are available are quite out dated, even for the 2.49x series.

https://www.packtpub.com/create-3d-architecture-buildings-scenery-with-blender/book ?
The current books are all for blender 2.49 but with a basic understanding of the differences between 2.49 and 2.5, they can still be used successfully

There’s always this humble offering:

Blender Foundations (for 2.5!)

You could also check out this book about Blender for architecture, though I can’t vouch for it as personally as I can for the other one.