Hardops/BoxCutter toolbar is missing

Hello there,

I have a problem with Hardops/Boxcutter bundle i"ve bought few weeks ago.
Everything was fine, smooth - addons were working as they should.

But today i launched Blender 2.80 and after activating BoxCutter (Alt+W) there is no Toolbat of this addon showing on the top of the window - just gone missing - nthing was changed, it was like POOF.
Reinstalled Blender, Addons etc - nothing helped.
I know it could be used somehow without it but its the matter or principle.
As per images you can see that when i TURN on the Addon via Shortcut there is no Toolbar of addon and in addition i get second panel for transformation.

any advice please? I am desperate what the heck is going on :smiley:

Does pressing “N” help?

Hello there,

NO, pressing N unfortunately just opens sidebar on the Right but no Toolbar of the Addon itself :frowning:

I tried it with my 2.80 and BoxCutter. When I right-click on that entire header area and turn off the “Show Tool Settings” option, I get something kinda like what your screen captures have.

So, you’re saying is that you have the BoxCutter add on installed and checked as active in User Preferences, and you’re not seeing the Tool Options in either the Sidebar or the Top Bar, like so:

Yes exactly i have BoxCutter added and checked as Active, saved in preferences.
I do see Addon Sidebar on the right as you have on the picture but not on top as you do have. That top one is missing for me

So i found the problem
It was hidden in The View -> Tool settings (it was unchecked, i have no idea why)

thanks anyway guys :slight_smile: