Hardsurface Shading Issues

I just modeled a sight by following a youtube video so i could get the hang of HardOps and Box cutter but I am having problems with the shading on both High and Low poly versions.

The low poly I just recreated it and tried to match as best as I could to the high poly, when I bring it to Substance painter it looks aweful with artifacts all over and the normal map bake just looks painful to look at.
Would anyone give me some tips on what I could do to solve this problems and finish texturing this sight?!

You can try " Weighted Normals" modifier and tick “Keep Sharp”.
After you will see how vertex normals were calculated and gave flat surfaces and nice smooth bevels.

Another option is in Bevel Modifier.
Go to Shading, find and activate Harden Normals will be useful too.
At that moment, make sure Auto Smooth ( Object Data Properties / Normals / Auto Smooth) is already on.

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