Hardware guidance - post for thouse who seek info on what to get - dated Sept 3th 2019

As there is a lot of questions about “best system for X”, “building new system, need input” it would be good to have a single post to have that guidance in one area.

NOTE this is not a “one fit all solution” but should provide some guidance for those who seek info on what to get.

------ Section 1 : Key aspects to consider --------------

Purpose Use CPU Thread GPU Compute Primary consideration Secondary consideration
Viewport - Modifiers Single NO Most modifiers, e.g. mesh reduction (Decifier??) are not multicore as such single powerful core is required Memory depending on complexity of the mesh on which the modifier needs to operate on
Rendering - Cycles Multi Multi Multi GPU – drastic reduction in render time RTX Ray tracing Cores will provide another boost in 2.8x+ releases GPU Memory - 8GB+ for larger scenes CPU – Prepping scenes, initial compute only. Not sufficient rendering boost (mixing CPU+GPU) when paired with high end GPU’s.
Rendering - Eevee Single Single Prioritize GPU - Single GPU only (for now) CPU – Prepping scenes, single Core computing priority
Simulation Multi None CPU, highly threaded. No GPU Support Lots of memory depending on simulation complexity
Video Editing Single None Main Memory for larger projects Ultrawide Monitor, for larger projects, Fast storage?
Sculpting Single None With significant volume of Polygons, displaying it at quick rate is critical. Powerful Single GPU is a must Stylus aka digitizer pen (eg. Watcom Tablet)
A bit of everything Multi Single Good balance of CPU + GPU

------ Section 2 : (NEW) System Benchmarks, for guidance on component selection: dated September 10 2019 ------------

** Overall Benchmarks:

https://techgage.com/article/blender-2-80-viewport-rendering-performance/ (View port and Rendering performance - good set of tested hardware)
https://opendata.blender.org (Note : difficult to navigate and find specific configurations)
https://openbenchmarking.org/test/pts/blender-1.5.0 (Note : difficult to navigate)
https://www.cgdirector.com/blender-benchmark-results-updated-scores/ (Limited hardware)

** Worth reading:
https://blog.render.st/blender-2-8-hybrid-cpugpu-rendering-speed-and-quality/ (updated January 2019 - as such Blender 2.8 beta vs 2.79)

------ Section 3 : System recommendations (to be updated)- dated September 3rd 2019 ------------

||High End Specs - Cost to be defined|

Category CPU GPU
Rendering - Cycles CPU Threadripper 3990x - 64c/128t 4x GPU RTX 2080TI 12GB
Rendering - Eevee Intel 9900KS - Single thread speed priority GPU RTX 2080TI 12GB
A bit of everything

||Mid Rage Specs - Cost to be defined|

Category CPU GPU
Rendering - Cycles Ryzeon 3950x 16c/32t RTX 2070 Super
Rendering - Eevee Intel 9900K - Single thread speed priority RTX 2070 Super/Radeon VII
A bit of everything

||Low End Specs - Cost to be defined|

Category CPU GPU
Rendering - Cycles Ryzen 3700x RTX 2060 Super / RX 5700xt
Rendering - Eevee 9700k 3700x - Single thread
A bit of everything

Nice post. I think I can stop working on my version xD

Btw. That Low spec CPU is a nasty linehopper :wink:

Good idea for a topic, but fixes for the title(typos):

Hardware guidance - post for those who seek info on what to get - dated Sept 3rd 2019

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Hey, I have been using blender for the last months on a MacBook Pro (2010) which has done me ok but now realising more and more that a new computer is needed, I have researched a bit and now know what parts of the computer are used for what when it comes to how Blender works (A bit)

I don’t have a massive budget but have tried to make the best computer for what I can afford.

Below is the spec (including monitor and keyboard) £1250 inc vat

Basically I want to know firstly if it’s a good computer and how Blender will perform on these specs. The budget is pretty much maxed but if it comes to another £50 or so to get a much better performance I can probably push it.

It’s a copy and paste from the website so sorry it’s long.

Thanks in advance


  • CAS: Cooler Master E500L Black Mid-Tower Case [-2]
  • COOL2: None Selected
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 6-Core 3.60GHz, 4.2GHz Turbo - 32MB L3 Cache Processor, Pro OC Compatible (No On-board Graphics)
  • CS_FAN: None Selected
  • EXCD: None Selected
  • EXPAN: Built-in USB Ports
  • FAN: Corsair Hydro Series H45 High Performance Liquid Cooling system w/ 120mm Radiator, Extreme OC Compatible [+6] (Corsair CPU Water Cooling, Extreme OC Compatible)
  • FLASHMEDIA: None Selected
  • FREEBIE_CU: AMD 2019 Xbox Game Pass for PC Game Bundle
  • FREEBIE_SSD: None Selected
  • FREEBIE_VC1: NVIDIA Super Bundle (Wolfenstein Youngblood and Control) [+0]
  • HD_M2PCIE: None Selected
  • HDD: 1TB Seagate BarraCuda SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200RPM Hard Drive [-14] (2 Drives [+32])
  • HOLIDAY1: Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse (Certified Refurbished by Corsair) [+0]
  • HOLIDAY2: BullGuard Internet Security 2018 for Windows PC with Game Booster! - 1 year - 3 User Licence [+0]
  • HOMEINSTALL: None Selected
  • INTERBROWSER1: Microsoft Edge Internet Browser (default with Windows 10) [+0]
  • KEYBOARD: (Keyboard & Mouse Combo) Logitech Cordless MK270 Desktop Keyboard & Laser Mouse [+18]
  • M2SSD: None Selected
  • M2SSD2: None Selected
  • MEMORY: 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4/2400mhz Dual Channel Memory [+68] (HyperX Fury w/Heat Spreader)
  • MONITOR: 24" Samsung S24D330H 1ms 1920x1080, D-sub & HDMI Black Full HD LED Gaming Monitor [+83] (Single Monitor)
  • MOUSE: None Selected
  • NETWORK: ONBOARD 10/100/1000 GIGABIT LAN PORT – As standard on all PCs
  • OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition) Perfect for most people with all the core features of Windows 10 including: automatic updates, Cortana and DirectX 12 graphics support (No Recovery Media)
  • OVERCLOCK: Pro OC (Overclock up to 10%) [+29]
  • PCABLE: None Selected
  • POWERSUPPLY: Cooler Master MWE V2 650W 80+ Gaming Power Supply
  • RAID: RAID 1 (Mirroring For Increased Security) [+7]
  • RUSH: Standard Processing Time
  • SPEAKERS: None Selected
  • SSD: 240GB ADATA Ultimate SU630 2.5" SSD - 520MB/s Read / 450MB/s Write (1 Drive)
  • STREAMERGEAR: None Selected
  • USB1: Built-in USB Ports [+0]
  • VIDEO: ASUS GeForce® RTX 2060 6GB - DX12®, VR Ready, HDMI, DP - 4 Monitor Support (Single Card)
  • VIDEOCAPTURE: None Selected
  • VIVE_HEADSET: None Selected
  • WARRANTY: DESKTOP STANDARD WARRANTY: 3 Year Labour, 2 Year Parts, 6 Month Collect and Return plus Life-Time Technical Support
  • WNC: TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300 Wireless PCI Express Adapter
  • XWNA: None Selected
  • _PRICE: (+1043)

Haha, I had a good laugh at that, The “feature” that ultimately drove me away from Windows and Cortana praised within the same breath. WOW.

Now, seriously:
I am not really familiar with UK price structure but it does seem a bit pricey to me. Now I have to say, that I am no expert for pre-built PCs. Have you considered building it yourself?
Just two or three points I am not particularly fond of:
The Motherboard. B450? Well, yeah you could get away with it. Personally I’d always go for a X. But then, I use virtualization. Not everybody needs it.
RAM. I know it’s a pricey subject but buying 4x8 now is somewhat locking you I’d rather watch for 2x16.
The HDD. I understand that it’s two of them? Yeah, would make for 2TB. Just be warned that they will fill up quickly when you start collecting assets like Hdris and other Textures. But then you can get cheap storage later on.
Two mice? I understand you want to also game on this rig. (Based on the Wolfenstein item). Ok, I can understand it for that. But then that Keyboard is crap. And you really don’t need gamified input devices for Blender.
All in all it’s certainly not a crappy rig but I’d opt for something a bit more “future-proof”. Watch out that you have a bit room for upgrading to a second GPU later on. (Depending on how serious you want to get about Blender). Hrmpf, and that monitor. You’ll see, soon you will want a bit more res and real estate.

Oh dear, sounds a bit negative, doesn’t it. I really didn’t want to come of like that.
It’s an OK-ish machine. It totally depends on usecase.

That’s some really good advice, thank you, it is one I built online so I can modify it to what you have suggested and see what the price is coming out at.

I want to invest but have something that will last me a while with potential to upgrade later.

Thanks for the quick response

Yes I get, that it’s a parts picker. But they assemble it for you, don’t they? Might make that tat of a Ooompf, when you put it together yourself.

Ok I get you now, I wouldn’t know where to start, I watched a video the other day and looked easy enough (static to watch out for) but what are the parts I need?

I suppose again I can watch another video ha.

Any advice on parts to use? I won’t it to be good, for example I did a dinosaur but when it came to scales and dine detail my computer wasn’t happy at all (2010 mac so wasn’t surprised at all) but every time I look at people reviewing parts I just get lost in the computer lingo.

Thank you

Get a RTX nVidia card if you can afford it. It has better features for blender and its opengl is much faster in viewport. Cycles and Eevee works just better with nVidia.

Well, for parts you can use the list you posted. But you can look individually for each one where you get the best price. Assembly here in Germany could make a difference anywhere between 70 and 150 Euros you can otherwise spend on parts. And don’t be afraid of the work it’s almost like playing with LEGO. As long as you don’t use brute force you won’t break anything. Static electricity is a real thing. But it’s usually sufficient to touch any grounded metal. Like a water pipe, or your heating. Just don’t wear a very wooly pullover. ( Or a cat)

Edit: Oh, I almost missed the dinosaur :smile: the most limiting factor for working with fine detaill be your CPU and RAM. But you already
picked pretty decently in that regard.
I don’t know if you’re aware of the current problems Blender is facing in regard to viewport performance, so I will just say, that it’s possible you might not experience that really big jump at first. But the gurus are at work.

Edit: Oaaah, so much typos. Darn mobiles. I’ll leave it that way…

Thank you very much for all your help, I will do some research on it tonight and see what I can come up with.


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Anyone know where to find more technical details about blender and what functions use what?

eg. i know Cycles uses CPU all threads and GPU as many as you have, Eevee just a single GPU…

Now I need to find details on the remaining parts of the chart to start developing the “system recommendations section”

Also are any categories missing? as in I have render Cycels Render Eevee, Modeling, Sculpting, … anythign else I should add/search for?

Starting to add some more details such as viewport workflow, such as modifiers, based on some other posts and self testing.

Feel free to post other observations on performance of tasks and what is being used the most and i’ll keep populating the main chart at the top.

Refreshing article with current system support and current hardware releases. If there are errors, please post, if you have good article to link, post and i’ll update the article

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EVGA’s new 2060 KO’s have TU104 dies in them, such that for compute workloads they are approaching 2070super and non-super 2080 cards - not quite comparable but definitely better than normal TU106 2060’s.

For games it’s about the same as normal 2060’s except less thermal overhead for OC’ing.

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Yeah, just seen a review on Gamer’s Nexus. a VERY nice boost. question is 1. availability, 2. guarantee that Nvidia wont “fix” it now that its public

It looks like those 2060 KOs were little more than a paper launch to take the limelight off the 5600XT launch. I don’t think people will be able to get hold of a 2060 KO for love nor money if they haven’t already got one on order.

In terms of choosing hardware for Blender, the new Blender Opendata site is an invaluable resource to use. There are some genuinely surprising results regarding nVidia vs AMD and with the Vega GPUs being heavily discounted it’s no longer an obvious choice for nVidia.

It depends on what price point you’re at of course but a couple of second hand Vega VIIs could be a very attractive option right now.


owh… i don’t even meet the low spec requirements and still working on a full lenght movie project, which will be rendered on my machine.
my specs are R1700 16gb Mem and GTX1070
… but at least, i still need around 3 to 5 minutes per image. :wink:
ohw… so at least, i should buy new hardware

No worries, these are just recommendations based on the currently available hardware. So I dont’ really look at Ebay and such.

the GTX 1070 is quite good, and on par with the RTX2060 with RTX part isn’t used. And lets be honest, it’s NOT the hardware that makes a project but the person behind he screen.

I’ve seen many amazing pieces of work coming from people with limited hardware.

Though I’m up for updating the charts based on users recommendations. After all its for us.

Though I did look at the OpenData, that reflects a significant population across all different versions of Blender.

The idea of this article is that if someone is currently looking at purchasing hardware, they can start looking at this and adjust as needed. so the 2060 is equivalent to the GTX 1070 in my book.


sounds good… then i’ll rest back… you protect me form buying a 2080 … … … yet. :sweat_smile:

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