Final version.
This is my latest 3d character design, based on a concept by Nicola Saviori.





This is great. It looks so ready to 3D print

I really like the cartoony look.

Looks amazing, I agree that it looks like a design for a figurine and will be really good as such

Thanks everyone, cool idea maybe I’ll 3d print it someday :smiley:

Great toon work

yeah, it would be awesome to make one on 3D printer.

Wow!!! i think ít so beautiful !!! Amazing art :yes::yes:


I dig this. A few thoughts, though:

  • IMO, I’d ditch the wood texture. It looks great on its own, but it doesn’t really fit the rest of the model. In the original image, the wood has very little texture, so I’d probably go with that.
  • I dig the white face paint in the original, so I’d probably add that.
  • This is a bit nit-pickey, but I’d probably make the damage to her shirt a little bigger. It’s bigger in the original, so it’s more obvious, but I can see where a subtler approach makes sense.

I’m torn on the hair - it could possibly use some more texture. If you do add more texture, I’d make it subtle so as to not throw off the tooney aesthetic.

Anyhow, I think the model is solid, and the materials/texturing is pretty good too but it could use some tweaking. Great work!

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate that, the thing is I started working on this project 8 months ago, and I kept postponing it due to time limitation, I had to finish this sooner to do something else, so it is better done than never, for the accessories I garbed few materials from the CMV.

Guys feel free to check a making of I did on 3dtotal

I briefly talked about my process and included few tips and tricks that I have learned in this project.

Any feedback is welcomed and stay tuned for more work :slight_smile:

The gradienty look of the hair looks really good.

way cool! great job.

Nice! awesome job here. This is a cute Harley!

I love Harley! This looks awesome!

3D art work :yes: Harley looks so beautiful.