Harnessing idle GPUs in cryptocurrency mining rigs to create video infrastructure - video

I just came across this vid, haven’t even seen it yet, but the premise looks EXTREMELY interesting! :

If I may be utterly candid about this latest “get rich quick” thing, which has only enriched the peddlers of exotic computing equipment (that is, in terms of “real dollars”), I would point out that the people who made the most money from the “California Gold Rush” (and, the “Yukon Gold Rush”) were:

  1. Hardware store owners. (Including men who use their profits to build the Transcontinental Railroad and to become Governor of California …)
  2. Photographers.
  3. Prostitutes.
  4. Owners of gambling halls. (And: manufacturers of chips, dice, cards, and furnishings)

“A Fool and His Money.” Yeah, nothing has changed in the computer age.

Don’t be stupid! - it’s not only the “server” end of things I’m talking about. If this “shared video infra-whatever-” comes to be, then we can put our ANIMATION VIDEOS on it, and make money! (ie. it’ll be a replacement for Youtube). There’s obviously nothing wrong with that.

THAT’s what I was getting at.

Obviously of great interest to the people here :slight_smile:

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I know this is an old post, but this defense just proves the point. While there are a handful of Logan Pauls and Mr Beasts out there, the people that got rich off youtube are google.

The owners of the platform will always profit off of the users of the platform.

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