Haruko Haruhara Model (FLCL)

(Cheinu) #1

I consider it to be nearly finished but I would like some critiques before submission into the finished category.

(alf0) #2

will first thing , i am not sure if this is 2d or 3d i am really confused

i think its amazing , the way she looks her CAT , its actually great, i like her hair alot, , even though its confusing, because i dont see AO on the hair, maybe this might be the only thing i can say

also her gloves rim, looks more like wood,not from the texture part but from the modeling part, i get it that you used Solidify modifier, !!!
i think any kind of cloth would be rounded and smooth , rather than flat, you can see that too on her collar too

but i really like the work, the mix of 2d and 3d atmospher, its amazing

(Cheinu) #3

Here’s another render with a close up to the face.

You might have noticed that the goggles floats up a bit from her face and I had to do that to prevent all the hairs from clipping through. Blender’s Hair system is a nightmare to work with so this was a necessary compromise and even then there was some hair clipping I had to Photoshop out.

(BigBlend) #4

I think some water reflection could spice the image up so it isn’t boring in the corners.

I did an overlay to show what I mean.

(Cheinu) #5

Well that’s something. What did you use to get the reflections?
Although one caveat to this would be is that I think there would be too much compositional asymmetry. Had I considered it earlier I would have changed the background in it’s entirety.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything better with the background that would not have taken too much time and I simply had to move on.

The finished project is in the respective category here:

This also includes the bass model which I did not submit for critique as it was mostly a prop but I will welcome any crits to it nonetheless.

(BigBlend) #6

I just saw you posted this almost 2 weeks ago.

I just googled water bokeh reflection and did an addition in layers to make it a bit extreme.

I was thinking of some anime scenes where anytime there is water they use extreme highlights on the water. Either way. I like the model you did.