Has anyone build a 2.4 Blender for Mac OSX 10.2.8?

Has anyone build a 2.4 Blender for Mac OSX 10.2.8? I’d like to play on my iBook.
Thanks to any savior out there.

Hi pamtango,

Looks like we’re in the same boat. I’m running a G3 Blue and White with OSX 10.2.8. I thought something was kind of funny, when there wasn’t a testing release candidate for Jaguar the end of November.
I downloaded the OSX 10.3+ version. You can do most everything with it, except it won’t Render or Animate without crashing, on my machine at least.
Thanks to all the people who worked on this version of Blender, it must have been a huge project.

Good luck.

It should be easy enough to do with the XCode compatibility SDKs but lots of people use SCONS to compile. The best idea is to try compile it yourself on 10.2.8. There are some instructions littered about blender.org on how to do this.

I was going to say that you guys should think about getting 10.3 but I heard 10.3 didn’t work on certain older macs. My dad can only get 10.2.8 on his old beige G3 but then it is pretty old - it’s only 200-300MHz or something. If you can upgrade to 10.3, please do because there were a lot of improvements in performance. I consider 10.3 to be the first proper release of OS X, previous ones had a lot of missing functionality. You can get a cheap copy off ebay.