Has anyone had any experience with ordering from TigerDirect?

I’ve recently ordered some computer parts from TigerDirect. I’ve just read some online reviews about TigerDirect and they have made me feel anxious. Most of the reviews only had one star and many people said that they have received broken/used/or incorrect items from them. I’ve also heard that the customer service is terrible and that they don’t help you with any of your problems and that they just take your money. Can anyone confirm this?

Personally, I haven’t done any ordering from them and neither do a lot of people on this forum.

Most of the custom PC people on this forum tend to order from another retailer known as Newegg, which tend to be pretty good judging from how popular they are among artists.

I guess I should just hope that the parts that I ordered will arrive in good condition. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I ordered my whole system thru them about 2 years ago, It shipped on time, there customer support (which came free for 1 year and was US based) was excellent. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with my system. I would have no issue ordering thru them again, the only downside for me is I had to pay sales tax on mine, because they bought out a brcik and morter retailer who once had a store where I lived.

As Ace Dragon mentioned New Egg is also a good alternative.

Running a 650Ti 1GB that was picked up from a store. I have ordered from them, one RAM stick bad a couple years back but that has been it. When I received my Mobo (shipped), the box was bent up at the front, like it had been under a stack. Who knows, it has been fine for 3 years now. Careful when you go into a store, if you like buying computer parts ;).

Well some of the parts that I ordered have arrived and they seem to be in good condition. The only issue that I have with TigerDirect is the backordering that is constantly done. I found a pack of RAM sticks on the online store that was marked as IN STOCK. After about three weeks of waiting, I was sent an email that said that there was a price change and as a result my order was automatically canceled. I’ve heard about similar stories from other people and they seem to confirm the backordering issue.

After reading the issues on this thread, I think I won’t be ordering from tigerdirect.

I dont know about them.

I’ve had reasonable luck with TigerDirect, and they seem to have better policies than the big box stores around here. When I built the computer I’m using now, that’s where I mostly ordered. Only problem was a CPU fan that didn’t fit the clip on my motherboard, but they were good about returns and suggested an alternative that worked. Of course I’ve got to pay sales tax, since they have a warehouse in my state, but the upside is I can get things within a week via regular mail. I can also check out one of their brick-n’-mortar stores taking a half hour drive to Vernon Hills, but it has much less selection than simply ordering online from them. Still fun to browse there on occasion.

And if looking for deals online there’s also some little company (compared to Tiger and Newegg) called Tech-4-Less. They don’t have as much variety, but sometimes their deals are really good. (I think they deal in overstock as models are usually slightly older and in limited quantities when they have them. Still not bad to get something like last year’s model monitor new out-of-the-box cheap.)