has anyone seen this? is it real?


thats pretty cool… lol

Whooo… I’ve got to try that. XD

Hah, if only I saw this when every one used windows 95

Well, it’s commonly known that the login dialog in Windows '95 (and later versions, afaik) is unsafe and not reliable at all.

However, it’s not just with Microsoft products… There are certain “safety” products out there that shut you off from things like Explorer, the start menu, etcetera (WinU is one of these products). Well, that’s all nice and dandy if they use that at your school or library, but most people forget about this handy feature called “OLE”. This feature, makes it possible to access any file through such a “security system”, just by using wordpad (open Wordpad, go to the “Insert” menu, choose “Create from file” and pick the old file manager, or whatever, easy!).

And there are even more ways to break into a system that’s supposed to be “guarded”.

If it runs Windows, there’s always a way to get in.
(for Linux systems, it’s a bit harder, but often not impossible either)

yeah, wish people still used 98. Oh and there was another thing for xp as well, ill try to find that out as well lol.:eyebrowlift:

IIRC one could even make the password window in w95 disappear by hitting alt F4, I’m sure I’ve done it at least once on my brother’s computer.