Has anyone tried the Pro-Lighting Studio addon?

@@michaelws Look my first video it’s really simple, you just have to put your lights in a parent (empty for example) and select the parent and children and add them to your library.

@darkcgi, cool ^^

pitiwazou…I am looking at the tutorials you have provided and the documentation. I see basically how to create and add an asset. My question is how do I access the assets that came bundled with the addon…the lights and the screws and bolts?

Do I open each of the blend files and add them one at a time?

Thanks for any advice on this.

Thanks Pitiwazou…appreciate that. It worked. I wasn’t sure if they were libraries or categories…that cleared it up. I noticed a problem with the IES Lights. I used the same method, creating a Library and then closing Blender and going into my Assets Library Folder and putting the IES Lights into it. Then when I opened Blender the icons did not appear. So I went back to the folder and saw that there was a second IES Lights folder inside the first one. So I copied the three files insider and cut/pasted them into the first folder and then deleted the second (now empty ) folder. And it worked.

I have watched a number of your other tutorials and I think I am finally getting the hang of how it works. It is exciting to think of the possibilities your program has created for me. This will be a wonderful time-saver. Thank you for your patience with me through this thread.

I added my first asset and in the little thumbnail preview window it looked correct. When I clicked on “Click to Import” it brought the object in but there were no textures on it. Does everything have to baked? I have not yet learned how to bake a texture.

dl the last build on gumroad :slight_smile: And use the proper post plz

I will do the download. What do you mean by the proper post? Did I do something wrong here? Or are you saying there is another thread in the forum that I should be posting to about you addon?