Hatay Tank

This is the Hatay tank from the movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. It has a quite interesting look with the tank tracks going around the entire body and those side sponsons. I like the design a lot. It’s big, heavy and slow. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering :slight_smile: Early on I decided what environment to use so I made the camouflage fit with that, instead of using the khaki color used in the movie.
The tank in the movie was built from scratch based on one of the first tank designs, the Mark 8 used in World War 1. The first tanks did not even have the top turret, only the side sponsons. Hollywood added quite a lot of details to it and I think the resulting tank used in the movie is quite cool.
Rendered with LuxRender.

Good modeling, looks like something invented shortly after WW1.

Really like this. barbed wire is great detail

nice one.A suggestion the render has too much exposure you can tone it down a little and maybe change the value of the terrain color to something more dark and reddish so the eye can differentiate between the tank and the background. Cheers.

Great work, Piita! Even from seeing just the thumbnail, I could recognize it as the tank from Indiana Jones. You’ve done a great job recreating not only the geometry, but also the look of the lighting and environment. I think the slightly over exposed look is good, you kind of need that to get across the feeling of heat and bright sun.

Terrific work, I really enjoyed reading your summary as well. I never knew those side guns were called sponsons.

Thanks for the comments everybody!

The overexposure was clear right from the start, I wanted the feel of desert and heat.
I agree about the background. It does blend in with the tank a little too much.

Very cool… Great work!

Awesome job mate!