Hatched or Avatar the Troll?

Does anyone know the Blender user who goes by the alias of Hatched or Avatar? He’s been trolling me lately and has taken to sending me emails with fake email addresses. I think he might fancy me or something, I’ve had 4 emails off him today…

Search protocol engaged.

There is a member by the name of Avatar. Only two threads started. No member known as Hatched.

Maybe your email in your signature isn’t the best idea. If they want to contact you have them PM via the service here.

Thanks J.F.Robot, wasn’t sure if he’d be using the same alias on Blenderartists as he was on Blendernation, will send him a message though.

@Quandtum I don’t mind people emailing me, but this guy was using the email form on my website to send me emails with a fake ‘from’ addresses so I couldn’t reply. He was also pretending to be several different people, quite sad really… Have changed my contact page now so that it’s just a mailto link. Just want to tell the guy to get a life…

Thanks guys :smiley:

I think that mental health is a issue for all art forums,

The more sane, the less creative it would seem, with types like that, the WORST thing you can do is pay attention,
if it gets to annoying, just ask a mod to help, if that does not work, spam filter him,
if that does not work,

Join him?
I j/k