Hatchet in the Woods

Not much to say about this render. The weather today, along with the fun materials in this render are what inspired me to make this. Didn’t take too long, about 4 hours plus render time.

Very good! I’m really liking all the detail the went into the textures. The one thing that it could improve on is colour correction, and the stone axe/hatchet-head could have been a little darker. Solid work. Also, congratulations on your 400th post. :smiley:

Whoa!!! I didn’t notice this was my 400th!!! That’s awesome thanks haha!

Anyway, yeah I do need to work on the hatchet head, I was getting sick of trying to figure out how to make it look right and not have the other objects steal the focal point. It’s supposed to be metal but I think I kind of over did it on the bump mapping… hehheh