Hatching poster

Some npr with eevee to mimic hatching, as master i choosed Scott buoncristiano.
To achieve this, i used some toon node from mauro fanti and ornement from jro or 1D_Inc who needed tweak and more deph to trick light and give more hatching.
Within krita i added rear color and leafs, ajusted saturation and level. I didn’t expect being so close :wink: from source so i negleted the upper part of frame to speed up result.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks bartv.

Excellent job, spectacular shading!

How did you go about creating the hatching lines, and having them react to light so well?

So this is one interesting use of blender…

hatching line come from curvature of form and select by toon shader wich give shade zone. Look at image 3.Toon shader is not mine…

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Awesome stuff

Spectacular work)

Great, make more :slight_smile:

Yours videos (and all you have shared) are great ressources. Thanks sensei ;).

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super well made !

Wow loved your work, thanks for adding the nodes image, didn´t know how to make this kind of shading, but i been seeing many works with this technique. (sorry for my poor english).

Incredibly well detailed and made, the falling leaves and branches add a wonderful aesthetic that’s so simple in detail yet so prominent in the final picture. The mark itself looks royal and real, like something you’d see in history class! Great job!