hate list! :X :X :X : X :X :X :X :X :X

Well time for our first boafide hate list!
This is for the Second Quarter, 2002

5 contestants as usual, and then you guys vote on who is the most hated (out of jealousy) blender user around.
(please, do not get jealous if your name isn’t on the hate list. It means i like you) :wink:

The 5 in my oppinion are


Now, these are jsut the ones that have been turning out the best work within the last 4 months, so Next 4 months, work hard, and maybe you’ll make the hate list!

The prize for 1st place is a good old fashiones Shrine Built in their name.
The prize for 2nd place is a Swift Kick in the Bum!
The Prize fot 3rd and 4th place is pat on the back.
The prize for 5th place is Huniliation!

May the Voting begin on who’s work has been the best!

You are very bored with school being out, aren’t you.

Well for jealousy sake, iamgrandpaboy inspires me
Everytime I see his work, I dig out my tutorials and practice harder.

Wow, you must REALLY hate Imgrandpaboy, you even misspelled his name :slight_smile:

well now. imgrandpaboy’s work is great. However, rixtr66’s stuff is always that much more detailed. Tough decision.

/me pushed button for… :wink:


PS: you forgot yourself. That Spiderman stuff has been pretty amazing!

Where’s my name on that list? Just kidding. I think Imgrandpaboy’s going to win, hands down.

Wow, you must REALLY hate Imgranpaboy, you even misspelled his name :slight_smile:


Well, I’m glad to be in the list, and I’m ready for Humiliation! 8)

(and I won’t vote)

We’re supposed to vote for the people whose art we like, but some prizes are “swift kick in the bum” and “humiliation?” I never should have asked Kafka to write my life…

Common guys, keep em coming


I hate Imgrandpaboy because he is so quick with the wit, and with pulling fast ones (like flatten angels) out of the hat. And he’s just a young’in!!! (I know, 19 is grown up, but still, so young!)

Yup, if I’m gonna be jealous, I’m gonna be jealous of 'im! :stuck_out_tongue: :x :-? :wink:

oh geez! my name is on there! nooo! get it off get it off(/me doesnt like much attention so he lives in a dark corner underground)… thanks fer poppin my up there… and mispelling my name :wink: ingie, im 18 :smiley:

You’re only 18!!

Ah dang! now I feel old and jealous.

Well I’m an old man(39), I could be your father, little boy!!! :smiley:

Great job, you’ll go far if you maintain the level

wasn´t it obvious? :stuck_out_tongue:

“maintaining the level”? never!


Ah! OK! I thought it was less :stuck_out_tongue:

second quarter?

tell me, what is 12 divided by 4?

is it 4? as in 4 months, written above?

i mock you boy, with you pathetic mathematical skills!


me too :smiley: