Hate to Ask but I Need Help with A Colored Gel/Silicone shader/material

Hi Folks,
Hate to ask as there are multiple requests for this type of material (and believe me I’ve tried them all) but I can’t quite get this gel/silicone material right. It’s green and is pretty much opaque with some thickness but almost transparent when thin (as you can see there’s a black piece glued to the other side that is easily seen). I’ve tried everything I can think of but can’t get it right and it’s driving me buggy. Any help is much appreciated!

if you modell is a closed/volume mesh,then the best start would be a transparent shader with a glossy reflection shader controled via fresnel into mixshader, and absorption shader into the volume input,to control the greenish color.

Use sub-surface scattering to give it the waxy look.

Thanks for the responses!
Yes, it is a closed mesh and when I try the setup from pixelgrip, and maybe I’ve got the nodes incorrect, it doesn’t become opaque in the thicker areas no matter how high I crank up the absorption (I’m assuming the fresnel would plug into the factor of the mix shader).

I’ll try playing around with sub-surface.

Thanks again for the input!

i have quick subdivided and extruded a plane,with the material i have described before.need some tweaking,depents on volume thickness,absorption density ect.maybe a mix with sss like Funnybob said could work too,but since this mat is very transparent on the sides, i would start with this setup.
sss is maybe a good addition for the translucent setup.renderd with cycles ofcourse,since the volume in Eevee is boxy.