Hatsune Miku Character - WIP

At the moment, I’m mainly working on posing my character. I’d really appreciate some tips/ suggestions on how to improve her!

Current Render -

Thanks! :3

Wireframe Renders -


Wireframe Renders -

:slight_smile: Well done with what you have accomplished, Amber A! She definitely looks like Miku. Good call giving her reasonable length pigtails, the ones that drag to the floor are a bit extreme for me. I only know the basics so all I can offer is moral support. Good luck experimenting with textures.

need more polys and definition around the nose. Even animae nose should be easier to see then this. their noses are often lacking nostril, and are small, triangular, but still this is less defined then that. Maybe have verts going around the nose. the calves from the front are too wide at the top, when it hits knee, the calves narrow. skin is too shiny. the feet in the shoes look off.
But it looks very cute so far.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the feedback, I’m working on it!

These are the results after working on some materials and texturing -

oh wow thats very nice and are you gonna post it for mmd? its really good i love her only im conserned about her hands and legs they look slike nodles

Thanks! And perhaps I’ll post it for MMD, depending on how the final product looks. Also, I suppose I’ll shape up the arms and legs. Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t know how to describe it but the feet look weird. Other than that, she looks quite good overall. (Maybe the mouth could be improved)

I’ve made some progress; I’ve recently worked on shaping up the arms and the legs, a few materials and textures.

Keep up the critiques! :slight_smile:

Nice work. I don’t know much about anime. However, I think you should consider doing more work on the hip-waist ratio and opt for more of an hourglass shape. To first thing that struck me with the figure is that the hair doesn’t seem affected by gravity, but this could be a feature of anime figures in general.

I’ve started working on a sword for my character to hold! Here are some renders of it so far… -

I will maybe work a bit on the face, something not match with the eyes.

I agree with Lane. The eyes are like focusing short-distance and seem to converge. It’s more kawaii to diverge them a bit. And you could do bigger iris imho, that’s typical.
Feet look strain from front, they need some thickness around the ankles. Or enlarge to bigger boots.
The pigtails holders… everything is quite round, very curvy. They are squared. Imho better to reshape them.
I like her. You’re doing good. I always wanted to make some NJXA1 or so body for my fellow gaming friends but I never find the time…

My character is now fully rigged and almost completely posed… -

There’s some clipping that still needs to be worked on and the hands still require some posing/ fixtures. Thanks for all the feedback; it helps a lot! Keep it coming!

Worked on posing the hands and fixed some clipping… -