Haunted Hallway (Lux Test)

Hi All,

I have been working on a variation on the Haunted Hallway render challenged posted on 3drender.com. I rendered this scene using Lux. The three variations were produced by mixing the light groups after the scene was rendered.

For a breakdown of the scene, you can visit this link:


Over a hundred views an no comments. I was hoping for some feedback…


Nothing to say much…
Too bright for a horror scene… Not such a scary monster.

Fort Ash

Reminds me of one of the monsters in DOOM

Looks really good, though the non-standard ones have really funky lighting.
the normal one looks amazing

Reading through the thing about lighting and lux was quite interesting
sweet stuf

@fort ash: I was challenging the traditional dark road most people take for horror scenes, trying to bring horror into the light.

That doesn’t work too well…

Here is a darker mix from the already cooked light groups.


But now we can’t see anything at all.

It’s really just the content of the image that’s not scary… yea the lighting helps, but only if what it’s illuminating is scary. Right now I’m still confused as to why a hallway has a sideways stair case on it.

Ah! We are looking at the underside of the stairs! Took me a moment to realize…I guess the composition or the materials or the modeling could be clearer…