Haunted Sandspit - More Understanding in the Studies

Hey All,
I am a blender user, and I rendered this image from there and GIMP touched it. I intend to make this kind of anime like, and understand that some of the proportions aren’t quite there. The hands and feet are from a “male” mesh with direct attribute to www.montagestudios.com or “Mr_Bomb” of www.blenderartists.org. I will adjust these in the near future.
The subject is to be a female chiba - some ten years old, very wise and quite determined.
My intention is that by November this year, I will have some 2-3 slides of anime comic images that I will can use to build for a comic series with a Christian/Religious theme. I want to integrate Blender into my images, so the character will be partially rigged.
Sorry I can’t provide reference sketches - I’m not to hot on drawing despite some decades of practice.
Your comments are welcome on my work in progress.


sounds very interesting :smiley: i can wait to see some advance ^^
something about the character:

  • Make the eyes a bit bigger and move them more down

  • the head should be a bit bigger (it’s a child at all :cool:)

  • she looks a bit overweight to me … make her a bit thinner pleasehere a nice pic:

  • http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/1122/083ya1.jpg

Thanks Dudess,

I’ll save a copy of the image and this weekend I put some decent hours into it.

:smiley: i hope i could help you…
i took a look at the other tread and i think the hair are very nice… but the skirt … what the englisch word … head cheese ? i mean a kind of meat like salami… it reminds me at my old english teacher (a woman with a very fat ass but she had worn a small skirt everywhere … :no:)
i hope i wasn’t too hard … sorry but maybe make it more smoothier

Ok . . .
I’ll put some description of this character. Since this is work in progress, I’d appreaciate your thoughts on how this will shape the anime mesh.

The character (name ??) is from a quaint Roman village, of lower middle class origins. Age 12. The setting is five years after the cruxification of Christ. She has left home, with her folks blessin’.
She is wise, and quite determined having figured out that her true calling lies within her grasp, if she follows a traveller who had asked for instructions from her father, a former map-maker in the Roman legion. I kinda want the story to be in the same give and take of Stanley Sakai’s “Miyamoto Usagi”. I’d say the rating is PG 13.

I will add a carry bag of sorts later.

Since I intend to use this for a comic strip, I am also using GIMP to touchup the image, so any GIMP special effect to adjust the frame you may have up your sleeve, I’m happy to consider. I will also make a thread on the gimp forum too, although that’s a while away.

Ta in advance for your help.


I kind of used Frauline Blackcats’ image as a reference and added my touches to. Here’s also some thing I will use as a background at some stage.


it looks better now, but i have made a pic which would say more than words


Some more work in this field . . . kind of done it like Blackcat’s sketch.


Looking good. I think Blackcat’s advice was on the money, and you’ve improved the model. I really like minimalistic the style you’re getting with your renders. Are you planning on adding color to the final product?

She needs eyelids/lashes and the cheeks seem too poofy like she has a mouth full of something.

Thanks mgetty for your comments. Regarding colour (we spell “color” the old fashioned way), I am quite open to sugestions. My intention is to use the mesh in a comic at a later stage - kind of like your childrens book you are working on. So I will rig the mesh up at some stage.

@ zanz - good spotting. I’ll add the eyelashes and make the cheek less puffy. Cheers mon.

I got some eye lashes - tried the particle system, that quite interestingly and rather spectacularly failed in the first and on the tenth instance. So I on the eleventh try and after the eleventh hour trimmed the hair somewhat and got a result I was satisfied with.
With the facial, I got rid of the puffy cheeks, but again with my out of this planet way of figuring things, and then doing it, I got some results. Now I will rig the mesh, hopefully to get some comic motions out of it!
You are welcome though to give constructive critisisms all the same, I may not like it, but every bit helps!


Ok I partially rigged the mesh up. I need to rig the fingers but I haven’t learned nothing about it so I will probably reverse engineer the ludwig model or something - I learn better that ways. Maybe I can asked someone to shortcircuit the learning curve. We’ll see.
Feel free to comment - I am still in two minds whether I should have the comic in colour or black n’ white. Some of flash comics like Sin City come in a combination. I think I will leave the decision for when I produce the anime mesh with trees and stuff in the background.