Haus Venjakob *finished*

hi all,

after a long time of more or less silently watching this list, i finally want to present you the first work i have finished using blender. i wanted it to look semi real/semi cg. hope ou like it :smiley:

i must admit that i did most of the modeling in Octree because i still feel more comfortable in modelling there, but by changing small things in blender i am getting used to blender in this kind of work too.

postpro in gimp. tree done in arbaro and of cause grass in fiber script.

C&C are welcome

new version (added trees in background, slightly dirt on wall texture, lights to define interior volume better, sun shields, and dad :wink: thanx to all comments and suggestions):

I like the semi realistic look - well done.

The only crit I have is that the sky’s colour - the dark sky looks menacing - I would suggest a light, friendly blue.

Keep it up!

thanx thoro, i think you might be right with the sky color. i’m on a laptop here and the colors aren’t always very “real”. i saw the pic on a better flatscreen at work today and i think i wil tweek the color a bit.

no more comments? is it boring :expressionless: ?

I like it… maybe some arealights?
Otherwise, it’s nice as it is!

Well yes its kinda boring.

Try to do a night scene. Like lamps with sphere turned on. Night sky. Play more with light.

Use AO with sun light,ray shadow if you want a daylight scene.

Skip the glow.

Othervise the building is really good. :wink:

edit: Just saw that AO is on with sun lamp. :expressionless:

Dude I love it, very unique in terms of colors and little doodads :slight_smile: Love the tile texture on the exterior, it reminds me of the funky tiles people used in Japan. I would hire you to do archviz any day :slight_smile:

nice pic,the colors are great,the tile texture is too uniform,need some dirt map.

wow I really love the scene, the building (with interiour, well done) the tree, the sand, great composition. Perhpas create some interiour at the upper flour, it looks like there is a white wall behind the windows there :smiley:

“need some dirt map”

  • I agree, it looks kinda (as bigbad said) booring because of the lack of that.

the glow around the tree and building isn’t very pretty for my opinion, especially with the background being that dark. try and fix that

it can be a lot prettier if the sky and glow was fixed and perhaps a slight bit of dirtmap was added


edit: I looked at the website, it’s awsome, really cool, did you made it? if so…teach me :slight_smile:

I like it, good moddeling 8) …but next time a realistic render :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. All the white makes me think of a painters canvas where nothing has been added yet. But this doesn’t look like a panting… Maybe an unfinished thought in someone’s mind then… hmm, I like it.

:smiley: nice to have some comments now.

thanx for the credites and i think some supplementary area lights might be a good idea. i used three to get a kind of indirect light effect in the back rooms and in the stair case (maybe you recognize the slighjtly blue color). in the front the egdes of the stair case block could be better defined.

ya i know what you mean i think. in this case the aime was to show the architecture and not to create a spectatular image. a night image is a must i think, so if i got the time i will give it a try. no glow by the way it’s a postpro in gimp %|

thanx a lot. it’s very nice of you. concerning the hiring, maybe i ask you one day when i get bored in my architectural office here 8)

thank you - dirt effect is a good idea - by the way: can someone tell me how i can “move” the texture, so that it fit’s in the height of the wall?

good idea with the interior on the upper floor. maybe the father looking for his kid that has been playing outside - by the way where is it gone :-?
hmm, i thought the glow effect was a good idea - and in fact i still like it - i will post it in the next days without, maybe in projects in work than :wink: you can compare than.
yes i did the website myself. but i’m really not good in this - it takes me hours and hours. but it’s very nice of you.

that’s exactly my thought. i wanted this house being placed in a surrounding created in mind by the person that is whatching it :smiley:

was my reaction not positive enough? :frowning:

like it like it like it.

The thing that bothers me is the white to blue blended world background. Not so much the blue as the white. my eyes are drawn to the area between the tree trunk and the house. They keep going back to that spot. And that spot is boring. the picture is great, but where my eyes keep going is boring.

sorry, didn’t wanted to forget to thank you. i just lost overview :wink:

good point. you’re absolutly right. any suggestion?

to all:
anybody can help concerning texture problem mentioned above?

try adjusting the Size x,y,z under map input tab.
is that what you was asking for?

thanx for your reply leon. that’s what i thought, but i can’t figure it out how it’s working - i added a post in “blender general” forum, so if you can help have a look at this threat:

Reminds me of those architectural watercolor drawings from the 1950’s


good point. you’re absolutly right. any suggestion?

Hard to say, perhaps give a deeper sense of horizon.

ok, tried to implement all crits (i kept the glow though %| ). although there are only small differences i think it’s better now. it’s great to see that this forum works so well. thanx again.