have any suggestions?

I wanna know how to make your gun runs out of ammo. Should i use property or scripting?:spin:
thx for any suggestion.

Use props. Like this.

Ammo: 32

when gun is shot____AND____PROP: Ammo -= 1
Prop Ammo >= 0___/

thx. i know that way but when it goes to 0 if you shoot again it goes to -1, -2, -5, -7… should i:
1.end the empty that shots( that way the gun will never shoot again)
2.end the bullet and add 1 to the ammo property so it stay on 1 and 0 not less
3.any other ideas?

That’s why -[Killer]- added the “Prop > 0” part. That’s a Property Sensor hooked up to the same AND controller as the gunshot sensor (mouseclick or whatever). This way, it will only pulse positive if the property is more than 0.


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