Have eyes looking at camera

I’m trying to figure out how to rig a setup where my eyes track a target, and if I snap that target to my camera, the eyes will be looking at it without going cross-eyed or anything strange like that.

This seems like it should be a common problem in 3D. I’ve made a bunch of characters, but always had to manually position to eye target and just sort of eyeball it to look right. Is there some proper standard way to do this?

have you tried constraints -> “track to”?
I personally use an armature (as you probably do with your characters) and have the eyeballs have their own bone and then add a constraint to every one of them and make them track to an object

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Yes, but it never looks right. There’s like some amount of offset you need, and I don’t know what the proper amount is. I’m mostly using rigifiy and putting its eye controller on the camera, but that doesn’t work at all.

I know nothing about Rigify as I just create my own complexities (or nonsense). But here is what you can do if something doesn’t look right (in the constraint setup):

  • Target: the object you want the eyeball to look to
  • To: Z
  • Up: Y
    this should always make object face correctly to the indicated object