Have to restart Blender for text editor script to take effect?

Hi. I’m writing a script, that’s divided into to classes.
If i get an error I have to restart Blender before my chances take effect.
It’s really annoying!!

I got an global name not defined error, tried to fix it, but just got the same error. Even when i removed the method I was calling, same error.

Tried to reload the .py files, but that still the same error. Only when i restarted Blender did the error disappear. So yeah. Anyone know how to fix this? or if it’s anything I could be doing wrong?

Thanks for any help

I just live with it. I am constantly opening and closing Blender when I am developing scripts. I like the idea of a ‘clean slate’ when I am developing a script.

But I can’t live with it!!
It’s going to be a big script, whit a lot of testing

module reloading should be possible with F8 if you use the imp helper module properly (see stock addons)

Thanks! that worked

import imp
import "Class/ModuleName"
from "Class/ModuleName" import *