Have two rigid bodies act like one

I have a fruit being thrown in the air and then being chopped in half. How would I make the two halves act like one object? I have ruled out switch a whole fruit and the two halves in one frame because that leaves a motion blur trail, and I want motion blur on. I have also tried to use the child of constraint, because the two objects are touching so it looks seamless, and the rigid bodies start acting weird and glitching. What’s the best way to go about this?

You could use two different fruits objects that look the same.

One is the entire fruit, and the other is sliced in half. When the knife cuts the fruit, you can keyframe the visibility of these fruit with I. From one frame to the other, you can make the complete fruit disappear and the sliced one appear.
I know this is cheating, but it works very well and it saved my life several times.

I hope I could help you!