Have you ever heard of TruSpace ?

Does anybody know about TruSpace ? Is it a good Animation Program etc.

I got started with Truespace years ago with Truespace 3. Blender is much more fully featured than Truespace - stick with Blender.


yeah I used to use truespace a lot don’t know what it’s like now but koba’s right… blender owns truespace (in a kicks its ass kind of way not in a financially controls it kind of way)

Latest version of truspace is 7.0.

Looks pretty good, so I wouldn’t judge on older versions. It has a website you know. Google it. Check it out.

It is much more simplistic (compare to blender).

I played around with Caligari Truespace up to version #5. Truespace’s interface was built on using a whole bunch of icons instead of using keystrokes as in Blender. As a beginner I was driven mad by guessing what the heck is this icon trying to tell me. The icons were fairly small causing a strain in your eyeballs and also changing color for toggle functions thereby blurring the look. Lastly I gave up. Blender’s interface also takes time to get used to but it is much easier to memorize keystrokes than to memorize those weird icons. As of the functionality Truespace had almost everything which was also common in other 3D software at that time. Of the newer version I do not know.

There is a free version available at :