Have you heard of Batch Render Creator?

Has anyone ever seen / heard / used this program to batch render blender files in the background? I ran across it on a YouTube video and I’m curious as to your opinions, etc.

YouTube Video:

Gumroad Download:

Look forward to your responses. Have a great day!

Woah! This looks cool.

Looks like a neat little tool for someone who wants a render manager and doesn’t need something like Deadline to render across multiple computers or applications.

Background rendering is noticeably more efficient than rendering within the Blender UI, so if you’re not comfortable using the command line this looks like a good alternative.

Hi! I have no problem with using the command line. However, I have tried using the CMD line several times and it just wont work. I had created another thread about it. Check it out and let me know if think you what what the problem is.

CMD Line Thread . . .

I got some responses responses, but still no solution. I never got an answer to my last question in thee thread which was . . .

I’m thinking the cause is that blender is on C drive (SSD) and the blend file is on D drive (HDD)?

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

I am using it a lot and find it super helpful. Works great!
Now I can render over night & even set the computer to automatically shut down thereafter.
Alternatively it alarms once its done.